Visit complaint/submit-online- complaint/ and submit a complaint. 

Below is a guide on how to fill out the form:
-Fill out your primary information
-Location,date time of incident: Use Vancouver for both location and department. Use the date on which you submit the complaint.
-Injuries: The Re-victimization of Sexual Assault Victims
-What is your complaint about? - This is the section where you state that you are standing in solidarity with our original complaint. You may write your own or you may copy and paste the prepared statement below which we believe encompasses the breadth of our initial complaint.

"I am filing this complaint as a show of solidarity for Service and Policy Complaint #2017-128; OPCC File #2017-14318. I believe that the Vancouver Police Department must systematically reevaluate their approach to interacting with victims of sex crimes, the methods of investigation used and the priority given such crimes. Alongside this I believe that the VPD should re-evaluate their budget to provide forensic labs with capabilities that appropriately align with the statistical needs of Metro Vancouver. I also believe that the Vancouver Police Department must consider adopting a new policy of transparency regarding the budgets of departments and materials which are non-tactical or without need for due confidentiality. Finally I believe that the VPD must be more accessible and accountable to citizens from every district in Vancouver."

If you choose to write your own statement please:
-Use tasteful clear language.
-Cite our Complaint number #2017-128 and OPCC File #2017-14318
-Attempt to keep your statement in alignment with our cause. We respect your individual experiences with the police that are separate from ours but this is not the forum for those.

Thank you for your time, compassion and desire to improve the lives of those in your community.