Invitation to the Vancouver Police Board

April 26th at 1:00 pm

Vancouver Police Headquarters

2021 Cambie Street



I, Catherine Francioli am writing to inform you of my ongoing pursuit of accountability, investigation and successful prosecution of sexual assault cases from the Vancouver Police Department and it’s governing body the Vancouver Police Board.


On June 22nd, 2016 I was struck to the ground and pinned to the concrete by a man half a block from my home in Strathcona. I fought him off and he ran away. While still standing in the road, I called 9-1-1. Following a large showing of police the night of the incident, only two days later I was forced to advocate for my own investigation. The VPD appeared to be disinterested. They were unable to help, or perhaps even intentionally obstructing her pursuit of justice.


My experience was shared with another woman that was attacked the same week in June 2016. Both stories are shared in further detail at This site will be used to garner support from the public by allowing people to co-file the complaint we submitted to The Office of Police Complaint Commission. This complaint stated their grievances not only with the attitudes and systems of the VPD regarding Sex Crimes, but the transparency and public accessibility to the entire Vancouver a police Department itself.


The initial complaint to the Vancouver Police Board in 2016 was refused, and refused again by The Office of Police Complaint Commission. A third complaint was filed to the office of Melanie Mark, and was sent up to the Solicitor General’s office. We were then told that we must go through the OPCC and the VPB. After cycling through these departments we received confirmation of our complaint’s submission and were told our complaint would be heard by the board.


Please join me on April 26th for the review of my complaint regarding the handling of the sexual assault investigations by the Vancouver Police Department.



Catherine Francioli