1) Right Now! Click here for information on how file a complaint to the Office of Police Complaint Commissioner that explains that you stand in solidarity with our complaint.
(2 minutes tops!)


2) Share this website on social media
Copy/paste www.2point9percent.com to Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

3) Come to the meeting on April 26th
Please visit the Contact Page and let us know if you can make it to the 1pm April 26th Police Board Meeting at Vancouver Police Headquarters when they review our complaint. We will contact you with more details about what to expect and how we hope to organize on the day of. Again, if you are hoping to come to the meeting PLEASE communicate that to us through the CONTACT page so that we can get in touch and add you to the sign up sheet.

4) Share our Press Release
Do you know of anyone in the media that could help us reach a larger audience? Please share our website and press release with them. We need all the help we can get!

5) Share your own story with us
Do you have a story of reporting sexual assault to the Vancouver Police Department that you would like to share? Please send us a message on the contact page, we would love to talk! We are more than happy to accommodate requests for anonymity. 

6) Contact your local MLA and tell them that you want our new NDP government to restore funding for DNA back to normal levels, at the very least. 

The previous provincial Liberal government significantly cut funding in 2015 by $600,000 to the city of Vancouver. An amount now paid for out of our cities budget, resulting in fewer DNA Tests and a slower rate of results by sending the tests out of the province to be tested.

Due to the provincial budget cuts, what was once $3 million dollars supporting DNA analysis to all municipalities then went down to $1.3 million and was intended to go down again to $0 by 2018.

In 2015, Mike Farnsworth, now our Solicitor General, said in response to these cuts to provincial funding to municipalities “...that’s not enough”*

Let’s hold him to that and tell your MLA:

“I would like DNA funding from the province to be reflective of my city’s need for it. The BC Liberal party cut DNA funding to municipalities in 2015. DNA analysis for (ENTER YOUR CITY NAME HERE) needs to be restored so that we can pursue criminal investigations in a timely manner.”

Contact your MLA: